Digital Marketing – The Advent of the Internet Age

The advent of the Internet age has brought about tremendous changes in how businesses and companies conduct their marketing strategies. Over the years, the need for digital marketing services has risen at a surprisingly fast pace, with more people and organizations embracing different digital marketing solutions. If you’re looking to cash in on this trend, taking a look at courses that focus on online marketing is one of the best ways to get started. Make no mistake about it, the Internet is the future of the economy-it will play an integral role in creating jobs for many more years to come.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge and skills is the first step to being proficient in digital marketing. Of course, this is not to say that going to school is the only way of doing this. A lot of marketing professionals owe their success to a simple passion for studying and learning. Remember that when it comes to the digital world, the Internet is your friend. Almost everything you need to start your digital marketing journey is now available on the Web. Bear in mind though that digital marketing has a plethora of different aspects, ranging from the most basic, to the very advanced. Taking up an online marketing course allows you to learn these aspects one step at a time.

Some of the most popular methods for digital marketing include blogging, instant messaging, email, RSS feeds, and podcasting. Viral video marketing is a relatively new form that’s become popular thanks to the rise of video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Viral videos make use of the formula that’s made TV and film highly successful. This time however, most viral videos that talk about a brand or product are designed to come across as the anti-thesis of conventional ads, making it very appealing to a market that’s tired of the usual boring commercials.

Digital marketing also owes its popularity to the fact that its methods can be taken advantage of with no hardly any cost at all. Search engine optimization for example, allows you to get free organic traffic to your site with a variety of free techniques. However, this method calls for a quite a bit of time before seeing actual results. You can also try your hand in pay per click (PPC) advertising if you want to reach success faster.

Arenas in Digital Marketing

Introduction to digital marketing:

Digital Marketing can be defined as promoting of brands or products and services using all forms of digital advertising. Digital marketing uses Television, Radio, Internet, mobile and any form of digital media to reach customers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

Ways to do digital marketing:

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC

3. Email Marketing (factors such as subject line, quality, and personalization are matters)

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Digital Display Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Content Marketing (It also includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.)

8. Traditional Marketing Methods

Strategies and their Introduction:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO helps to make a website to be founded in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for desired Keywords. SEO helps to build a brand.

Process: Measurable link-building and the creation of quality viral content are respectable marketing processes that work.

SEO’s return on investment (ROI) fluctuates as PPC (see below) rises and falls, and organic search results are more trusted than paid advertising.

That’s why SEO is more worthwhile over time. This includes:

• Keyword Analysis

• On page optimization (optimizing a website in page level)

• Off page optimization (building quality back links to web site and to web pages)

• Building authority for brand terms (This includes company profiles in major Social networks)

• Website health checkups (checking technical issues)

• Analytics Reports (Provides how our campaigns are working by seeing traffic)

2. PPC:

PPC helps to get traffic from Search Engines for targeted keyword terms. The benefit of this process is that, we are going to pay only for the clicks that we have received.

Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program.

Strategy: Identifying converting keywords, effective bidding process to keep the costs low etc…

PPC marketing provides instant results because it generates visitors quickly and also lets you measure your budget and ROI appropriately. Becoming well-versed in Google AdWords helps your company take full advantage of the potential benefits of PPC marketing.

3. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is most traditional form of digital marketing, yet it gives exceptional results if we can personalize every email.

Important things to consider:

Step 1: gathering email IDs list. (Offering something like a PDF, eBook etc… , at our website, can be helpful to gather recipients email IDs.)

Step 2: A service like, can be handy for instant reply messages and managing newsletter campaigns.

Step 3: Personalization is very important for a successful email campaigns. Personalization should be in Subject line, Body of the Message.

And the factors like catchy “Subject line” and “brief message” motivates the recipient to visit the targeted page.

News Letters: They are a wonderful way to engage with our community by sending weekly or monthly newsletters.

4. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the most and the very cost effective digital marketing strategy to engage with existing customers and to build a brand name across different Social Media communities.

First, define your goals. What are you trying to get out of social media?

Strategy: This starts with identifying right channels for the type of business we are in.

Step 1: creating business profiles on Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest

Step 2: using photo sharing services like Flicker, Instagram etc…

using video sharing services like YouTube, Vimeo etc…
using PPTs sharing service like SlideShare…
using PDF sharing services like, etc…

Step 3: Starting activities which represents your company business sector.

Step 4: Building a community at these third party Social Sites.

Step 5: Develop an editorial calendar to plan when posts go up, or manage your social media content stream through a platform such as Hoot suite.

5. Digital Display marketing:

• This includes paid advertisements (mostly image banner ads and video ads) on websites, portals, blogs which related to our industry.

• This works well because the pages displaying these advertisements are conveying something throughout their website, which is our business industry. So, the rate of converses is good in this process.

• With this display marketing we can raise traffic from the ad providing site and thus we might gain some leads with conversion rate strategies.

6. Mobile Marketing:

Before going to start this campaign we need to be sure that can we offer our services which can be accessible through mobile phones? If yes, then optimize your site for mobile phones.

• Optimizing website for mobile is important.

Mobile marketing includes… mobile search, content presentation (optimized site), display ads (PPC) and mobile compatible emails.

7. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is a popular trend in digital marketing as it includes blogs, eBooks, webinars, White papers and a variety of other outlets.

All these are signals for freshness of the website. Google likes the sites which updated frequently and provides great deal of info.

The information that we provide should answer some question or show some solutions to a problem. So that it will gain respect and can be shared at online.

Note: This content marketing alone will work with almost all other online marketing campaigns.

8. Traditional Marketing Methods:

Digital marketing not only depends on internet. Apart from that it extends beyond this by including other channels such as mobile phones or cell phones, display banner ads, SMS /mms and digital outdoor etc…
All of these can be effectively used to build a brand name for an organization. Most of these are paid and when we have some campaign regards any public service that we can offer, we can get coverage by the following media for free of cost. In other words, they are earned.

Television: Advertisements (paid)

Radio: Advertisements (paid)

Newspapers: Advertisements (paid) and News created by any activity done by organization (earned).

News created by a program which offers some of the services to public for free (earned)

Magazines: Advertisements (paid)


Strategies made for an organization are completely depends on their business model, the products they offering and the types of services they offer etc… However these are main and most used methods in best digital marketing service and we can inter relate them for any desired results.

Toppling Traditional Marketing With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new norm. Many companies that were once totally into traditional marketing have now moved to the digital field. Why the switch? What has made them realize this? Let us see what gives digital marketing solutions an edge over traditional marketing.

Traditional Marketing
• Cost: Traditional media like television ads, newspapers, hoardings can be very expensive. A front page ad could cost anywhere around a few lakhs. The same story again with television and hoardings.

• Cannot be quantified: Inspite of all this investment, it is practically impossible to calculate the exact number of people who have seen your ad, number of conversion, number of people who are interested etc. Thus, impossible to calculate a return on investment. So how do you quantify or on what basis do you decide if your campaign has worked out or not?

• Area: Suppose you put up a hoarding, people only in that area would be able to see it. It does not reach anyone else. Or if you say a newspaper, it will reach that city alone.

• Availability: There is a time constraint. Your store would be accessible to customers only at a certain time of day.

Digital Marketing
• Reduced Cost: Compared to traditional media a digital marketing solution will cost you peanuts. The only paid form of digital media is Pay per Click (PPC) which still costs you much lesser. Even here, you have to pay only for the result you get. No irrelevant costs are involved. Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media (SMM) are almost free.

• Great return on investment: As mention above every penny invested will give you a certain return. The customers will atleast visit your page. If not converted to an immediate lead, he could atleast be a potential lead in the future.

• Measurability: There are various tools available to measure every aspect of your campaign. For instance, the webmasters tool, Facebook/ LinkedIn insights etc. These will exactly provide the no. of visitors, conversion rate, no. of views and also their age, gender, location etc.

• Targeting: Due to the above mentioned tools available at our disposal (for free) our ads can also target a specific group of people depending upon the product. This is impossible in traditional marketing.

• Reach: Digital marketing can reach not only a town, city or country but can go worldwide. This extends your customer base, higher chances of sale and all of this keeping the cost in check.

All in all Digital marketing can earn you a place among the biggest of brands. Money is not a constraint for competition. Now you can compete with national or even international chains even if your office is based in a single room. Digital marketing is coming up as the most effective strategy.